Becoming Flexible To Outgrow Challenges

Have you ever thought that you had the perfect day planned out, then suddenly life happens and causes a setback? Well, you’re not the only one. There are no such things as perfectly planned days because even the best days don’t go as planned. In this article, I’m going to be talking about becoming flexible to outgrow the challenges that will pop up in our lives. 

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So, you planned the perfect day. Well, at least you thought it was perfect, right? You’re ready to go, but then something pops up. You get a phone call. Your tire goes flat. You forgot you had an appointment scheduled for later that day. Whatever the case may be, life is always throwing stuff at us. When this happens, we have two options: seize the day or let the day seize us. Which one will you choose? Let’s find out. 

Today Won’t Go As Planned, And Neither Will Tomorrow

Well, today didn’t go as I had planned. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and summer was drawing to a close. I said to myself, “Why not take my son to the park, get a walk in and take advantage of this beautiful weather?” 

We got everything ready to go, marched out the door, hopped in the car, and click, click, click. Dead. The car wouldn’t start.

“Oh, crap? What the heck is wrong? Well, this is a bummer. Sorry, buddy. Let me try it again,” I said. Still nothing. Not only were we disappointed, but now my day completely shifted from fun and excitement into figuring out what the heck was the problem with the car! 

To top it off, there was roadwork being done on my street, so we had to park the next street up and walk back. “No problem,” I said. “Let’s grab the stroller and head to the playground down the street.” I wasn’t going to let the day defeat me. The stroller wheel was deflated and probably sprung a leak. Perfect, right? So much for an ideal day. 

To finish the story, we ended up walking to the playground and had a great time. I got a hold of my father-in-law, who came over with my brother-in-law and gave the car a jumpstart. Good as new, someone must have left the lights on. No more worrying, at least for now. Many thanks to those two for being flexible, dropping what they were doing, and helping out. Thanks, guys!

There Are No Such Thing As Perfect Days

Was I bummed that I didn’t get to go to the park with my son? Absolutely! Did we improvise? Yes, we did! Did we still have a great day? You betcha!

You see, life is going to challenge us each and every day. Sometimes to this extent, sometimes to more extremes. Was I panicked about the car not starting? Yes! Where there several different scenarios playing around in my head about what could possibly be the issue? You know it! But the trick is to not let problems like this shake you. We must try our best to remain as steady and composed as possible. 

I could have cursed and screamed and marched back to the house in a fit of irritation. Was I irritated? A little. Would a younger version of me of hitten the panic button? Absolutely! But I like to think I’ve lived enough life to know when to keep my cool and when to sound the alarm. Somehow I knew that things were okay, and they were. Most things are rarely ever as bad as they seem. 

There are no such things as perfect days. Even the perfect plan goes off the rails. If you plan for anything, plan for it not to be perfect. But that doesn’t mean being someone down in the dumps. Remain realistic, but also be hopeful and optimistic as well. 

Tailor Your Expectations

Sometimes, when we have an expectation in our mind that turns out to be the opposite of what we were expecting, we start to lose focus. That’s when our mindset shifts from someone brimming with hope and optimism to someone who is defeated and anguished. 

Isn’t that like life, though? 

Growing up, you could have all these dreams about who you want to be, the places you’d like to go to, and the person who you’d like to do life with. But wanting and wishing doesn’t mean that’s how it will end up. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all, either. That just means it might happen in a different place, with a different person, or from a different version of you. The trick is to tailor your expectations. 

Have hopes, and do have dreams. Please dream as big as you can. But also, be realistic. Understand that things happen, with or without your control or influence. As life goes, so do you. Take it day to day, one day at a time. One challenge at a time. One day, one more obstacle. Don’t get shaken.

Be Flexible To Outgrow Challenges

The key to outgrowing challenges in our lives is to always remain flexible and open. If we close ourselves off, we’re not leaving ourselves open to new opportunities or new possibilities. If we aren’t open to new opportunities, we certainly aren’t ready for new challenges either. 

A flexible mind won’t be shaken up by inconvenience because that’s what these challenges ultimately are, inconveniences and temporary setbacks. While some things may seem life-shattering, a few of them are, but not everything tips the scales completely. Stay balanced, stay composed, and always remain flexible. Know that anything could happen in a twenty-four-hour period. One week is a long time. A year is a long time to travel. Be so firm in belief, hope, and optimism that nothing can shake you. 

That doesn’t mean you won’t worry, won’t get annoyed, or won’t be upset. We’re still human, after all.  

But remember, when things happen, when inconvenience strikes, that doesn’t mean you’ve lost control; because you can always control how you react. React with readiness and assuredness. React with flexibility because you can handle any challenge that comes your way. The hard part is just doing it. But if you do it once, most challenges seem smaller. 

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