4 Steps To Overcoming Fear

Is fear something that is holding you back from achieving the life of your dreams? If you said yes, well, it’s time to change that. Get ready because it’s time for you to stop letting fear get in the way of what you want. You can have the life you imagine if you learn to not live without fear but with it. If you embrace the fear and overcome it. Here are four steps to overcoming fear.

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Fear. It can keep us held back and prevent us from reaching our desired outcome. Fear can make us feel weak and inferior, almost like we are undeserving of our goals or vision. The feeling that we are unworthy of living the life that we really want to. 

Fear likes to hijack our minds and attempt to convince us of the many reasons why we shouldn’t go through with something. Even if that something may very well be beneficial for us. This is where we need to draw the line, step in and fight back. We fight back by reminding ourselves of all the reasons why we should do something; why we need to do something. Don’t let fear stop you. 

Do You Recall A Time When Fear Stopped You From Doing Something You Wanted To Do? 

Fear sucks, doesn’t it? Even when you really have your heart set on something, you talk yourself out of it. You come crashing down to Earth. But why does fear do that? Why does fear stop us from doing something we know we want to do? This fear that I speak of; have you felt it before? The kind of fear that seems to never go away. It always pulls you back in before you can jump. Fear and anxiety never really go away. In order to move forward, we will have to learn how to coexist with fear. 

I know a good bit about fear because I’ve felt the fear. It’s held me back in many different ways. Fear has stopped me from doing things I wanted to do and going places I wanted to go. In fact, I used to let fear control my life. Fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, or even just fear of embarrassment or ridicule. I used to let thoughts of what might happen outweigh the possibilities of what could happen. I didn’t see the good. I saw the negatives. I didn’t see opportunities. I only noticed obstacles. I would constantly weigh the pros and cons of every decision and ultimately air on the side of caution. After all, the comfort zone is a great place to be found. 

But that’s not me anymore. Although not perfect, I still constantly wrestle with fear and anxiety. I’m less afraid now than I’ve ever been. That’s not because I defeated my fears. It’s because I’ve learned to dance with them. At least, that’s what I am endeavoring to do. 

Dance With Your Fears And Change The Course

Fear and anxiety threaten our everyday well-being, but they don’t have to. We have the power to choose what to do with that fear. 

How would it make you feel if you didn’t do something you were looking forward to doing simply because fear stopped you? Fear is all around us. It follows us everywhere. So how are we to respond? Stop living our lives? 

Are we supposed to not get in our cars because accidents might happen? 

Are we supposed to not start a business because we might fail? 

Are we supposed to not get on a plane because that plane might malfunction? 

Are we supposed to stop living our lives because we might fail?

Don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of not failing. Failure is a sign that you overcame fear and put your best foot forward.  

The 4 Steps To Overcoming Fear

Think about where you are now. Are you happy? Are you proud? Is there something that you are itching to do? Is fear holding you back? 

Like many of you, I battle fear and anxiety every single day. I get really nervous in social situations. I often feel like I’m not good enough. I have regrets. I get scared and worry that I’m going down the wrong path. All of these things and more. I’m scared! Again, it’s the fear of not knowing what could happen. It’s the fear of not having control. Truthfully, the more scared we are, the more we’re living. 

In order to learn how to overcome fear, I’ve broken fear down into a four-letter acronym. This is what I use to help me overcome the fears in my own life. 

F=Figure Out Your Fear

Step one, figure out what you are afraid of. Figure out what the heck it is that scares you so much. Perhaps it’s the fear of not knowing. Maybe it’s a fear of public speaking, a fear of separation. Perhaps you’re afraid you’ll get embarrassed or disappoint someone. Whatever your fear is, just confirm it and own it. Know that this fear is what is standing between you and your desired outcome. Once you acknowledge what it is that scares you, you can dissect that fear and then focus on ways to defeat it. 

E=Embrace That Fear

Now that you have your fear at the forefront of your mind, good! Keep it there! Embrace that fear and own it. Admit that this is what is holding you back. Recognize the fact that you are frightened, and then remind yourself of this, “It’s okay! I know I’m scared, but I can do this. I will get through this. My dream is waiting for me on the other side.” 

Fear is a natural reaction to not knowing what the outcome of a situation could be. Even though we might not control the outcome, we can still control how we choose to show up and do our best. We have to push past our fears. No matter how hard it is. Fear is a wily foe. Embrace your fear and confront it. 

A=Attack Your Fear

Now that you know what your fear is and you’ve got yourself motivated enough to move forward, now what? Get ready to attack your fear!

It’s time to march forward and go after your dream. Do the thing that scares you, which is arguably the most challenging part of conquering fear, actually doing it. It takes bravery and confidence to do the things that scare us. But is it also not true that it takes more boldness to live afraid? After all, walking away from your dreams takes a ton of willpower. Don’t walk away; attack your fear! Confront it so that you can move forward. The best way to do this is to jump right in and rise to the occasion. It’s going to take guts and charisma, but remember that you can and will rise above it. 

R=Rise Above Your Fear

After you’ve attacked your fear, now what? Well, now you can look forward to rising above your circumstance. Fear can only confine us if we let it. If we can learn that if we build the confidence to figure out our fear, embrace it and attack it, we can rise above that fear and keep our dreams alive. Be brave and use your fear to propel you forward. 

Are You Ready To Overcome Fear? 

So what do you think? You have the tools. You know that what you want is waiting for you on the other side of your fear. What are you waiting for? Are you ready to do what scares you? 

If life was easy, we’d all be millionaires. We’d all be victorious. But life isn’t easy, and to get what we want in life, we have to confront our fears. Fear never goes away. It disguises itself. It hides away until the next time we try to do something great. But only this time, we’ll be stronger than before. Because this time, we hold the key to overcoming fear: action. We have to take action. 

Fear is a state of mind, an answer to the uncertainty that lies before us. It’s a response to the feeling of what might possibly exist. But once we realize that we are only thinking of something bad that could happen, maybe we can start to recognize that something good could also happen. Why can things only be frightening? Why can’t they be riveting at the same time? 

Remember this. Just try to imagine that everything you want in life is waiting for you, and all you have to do is do the thing that terrifies you the most. Would you do it? Are you ready to do it? What’s stopping you?

Rise above your fear. Rise above your anxiety and just do it. It’s time to change your life. It’s time for you to start winning again. 

Now disclaimer, don’t do something that will put you or others in harm’s way. Don’t do something that is life-threatening or could really have a terrible outcome. Be smart when it comes to fear. Assess, weigh your options, and move forward when you’re ready. But remember that when it comes to changing your life or staying in the same place you are now, do the thing that scares you to get to where you want to go. You got this. 

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