Risk It All? I Don’t Think So! Here’s Why!

Are you ready to risk it all? How much are you willing to risk? Are you not getting the results you want in life? Well, get ready to take some greater risks! Sound familiar? Our whole lives, we’ve been told that to accomplish great things, we have to be willing to take big risks. While this certainly might be true, I believe in another, more effective approach. Get ready to learn how to mitigate risk and change your life.

It’s no secret that to do great things in life; we’ll have to take risks from time to time. Risk is almost unavoidable. When I get in my vehicle, I assume the risk of getting into an accident. But does that mean I should stop driving altogether? Of course not! That would be silly. I simply mitigate that risk by driving safely, carefully, and with precaution. I wear my seat belt, adhere to the speed limit, and look both ways before proceeding. That’s how you manage risk; by assuming control and taking responsibility. 

I suppose we could say the same thing about getting married, having kids, or getting a job. All of these are regular life events, but all come with a reasonable amount of risk. “What if I’m not good enough,” or “What if I fail,” or “What if I can’t do it?” Although these are all normal life occurrences, we still feel fear. We still doubt ourselves. The truth is that we can fail at anything in life, but we can also succeed. And we truly don’t know what we are capable of until we make the jump? There is no need to be afraid when it comes to risk; just be safe, be smart and maintain the upper hand. Maintain preparation at all times. 

But what if we jump too soon before we are ready? What if we take the leap and don’t assume responsibility for what is waiting for us on the other side? 

To Risk Or Not Risk? That Is The Question.

Most risk comes at a cost. Most of the time, but not always. But sometimes that cost is minimal and not bad at all. Other times, that cost can be significant. That all depends on how many risks we are willing to take to get what we want? How much risk we assume is equivalent to how great we desire to actually change our lives quickly and at whatever cost. So the next question would be, how long are you willing to wait to get what you want? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Most things take time. Sometimes, too much time. I’m sure we all know what happens to those who wait. All good and mighty things that take work, commitment, and patience are worth waiting for. Waiting is often the best choice of action.

But waiting sucks, doesn’t it? Waiting is awful. We want change now. We want a better life. We need a change. We want it. Why can’t we just force change to happen in our lives? Well, you can. You can do anything you want to. You have free will. We all do. We can do whatever we want to in this life. But like I said, that want, or desire for change, comes with risk. So what are you willing to risk to get what you want? How much? What cost are you willing to pay? Change is not free. 

Are you willing to sacrifice time? Friends? Money? Family? 

What is it that you are willing to give up to get the life that you want? Is it worth it? What are you hoping to gain by making that sacrifice? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves when contemplating taking risks. How long until we get what we want? And then what? Is that going to make us happy? Are we going to feel fulfilled, satisfied, or complete? What does satisfaction look like to you? What does happiness look like to you? Are you willing to trade in your happiness for a chance at living the life that you want? If it came to that.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Taking Risks. Be Afraid Of Taking Risks Before You Are Ready. 

I believe that I have found the answer to getting what we want in life. Well, not THE answer, but a direction for us to go in. Because that’s what we need, right? Direction! We all want someone standing beside us, telling us to, “Go for it!” Or even someone to say to us, “Pass on this one.” But why is that, exactly? Why do we look for validation for something that we already believe is the right choice for us? Well, it’s because we don’t want to assume the risk. We don’t want to be liable for our own failure. We want someone else to help shoulder that blame. When in reality, that blame belongs to us. Because this is our life, and our life is our responsibility. We have to take responsibility for it. Our decisions can and will impact others, but the greatest impact is still the one we feel in the heart. 

So how can we minimize the impact that taking risks puts on us?

We can’t completely eliminate risk unless our goal is to live a boring and unfulfilling life. To live a life of possibility and purpose with potential, we have to take risks. That much is clear. We need to be careful of how much risk we take on at once. Limit the amount of risk you put in your life at one time. Take risks, but take risks slowly, and take smart and calculated risks. Don’t do things that seem silly, appear to give you instant success or satisfaction, or that leave you with the feeling of regret. The last thing you want risk to do is to leave you saying, “If only I could get that one back.” Because once we take a risk, it’s hard to undo it. So don’t put yourself through something you’ll regret or that will lead to more risk down the road. When it comes to risk, stay in the slow lane; for now. You’ll know when you are ready to switch lanes. Until then, merge right. 

Take Risks That Are Right For You.

The key to taking risks is to be patient. Patience demonstrates resilience, wisdom, and commitment to a long-term goal. Patience shows the world that YOU ARE willing to wait for the life that you want; that you will take the long and often treacherous road. Patience shows that you are ready to wait while continuously working for the life that you want. After all, we can’t force change. It never ends well. Change happens without our doing. We don’t need to do something that is going to happen for us anyway. Especially if we work hard and are putting in the effort, our determination will always shine through. Shine on! 

The world will try and talk us into taking bigger risks, but the world is full of gamblers. I’m not willing to gamble on my life. I’ve only got one. I’ll take my chances when I’m ready. 

Don’t fall for the modern-day way of thinking that you need to take big risks to live the life you want. Plenty of people are living the life that they want and are also not taking big risks. Life is not all about risk. Sometimes, it’s about holding onto your cards and showing your hand when it is time to hit the jackpot. Life isn’t about taking risks; it is about taking risks at the right time. Is now a good time? 


  1. Henri Suckow Nogueira

    Great…I totally agree with you John “Do Not Be Afraid Of Taking Risks. Be Afraid Of Taking Risks Before You Are Ready”! I was a boy scout (Eagle), we need to “be prepared” always! Thank you for another great post.

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