Why Having A Sense Of Urgency Doesn’t Matter

I’m sure that we all have heard these words before: “to have a sense of urgency!” We hear this phrase used in places all around us, and that’s because we live in a fast-moving world. A world where results are the measurement of success. But what exactly does it mean to have a sense of urgency, and how important is it? Should you have a sense of urgency when it comes to living your life? Well, I’m here to tell you that having a sense of urgency is not that important and why taking it slow is the right approach. 

Urgency; it’s somewhat of a modern term, right? As human history has evolved, we’ve grown more and more fixated on results rather than the quality of the work being produced. As humans, we are impatient creatures. We want things now! We want results, not excuses or prolonged waits. We want to hold the finished product in our hands today; we want to have the future NOW

But the future awaits the patient one. 

There is a reason why we pay people to do something that we could probably learn how to do ourselves. It’s the same reason why we opt for the quick and easy fix and not take the long route. We like shortcuts. We like easy. And who could blame us? The human tendency is to do the easy thing, not the hard thing. Doing the easy thing doesn’t make us wrong. It just makes us human. As humans, we like speed. We want to go fast. We want to get there, wherever THERE is.  

Let’s examine how far we’ve come in human history. Think about what society might have looked like one hundred years ago. What did some of the things that we have today look like back then? Cars certainly looked a lot different. Technology was a whole lot different. Fashion was also different; even the food we ate was different. We were different. We acted differently, we looked different, and we even thought differently. But one thing that hasn’t changed over time is our innate desire for more. We want more. But how much until we say, “ENOUGH!”

Slowing Down In A Fast-Paced World

Now, it’s easy to look back and think that these were simpler times. I can’t possibly know that. I wasn’t there. But I can tell you life itself has changed, and it has changed quickly. We are living in a whole different world, a world that moves fast. A world that challenges us to keep pace or get left in its dust. We want speed! 

We want things faster. We want to go faster. In a world that is always spinning, we are moving faster than ever. But how quickly can we possibly go before we start to burn out?

We are all in go mode. We want progress. This means faster food, faster cars, faster computers, faster phones, and faster service; everything has become faster, faster, faster! Life has become more about the speed at which we move rather than the quality in which we live and give. Life has withered down to the result of the journey rather than the journey itself. It’s become more important for us to reach our destination than to take the ride. 

Our lives have had to become fast-paced to keep up with the world around us. The minute something in the world happens, we know about it, and that information is available 24/7 on our phones. Text messaging apps and social media have made it effortless to be close to each other, yet we’ve never been so far apart. 

When life becomes so fast-paced and results-oriented, we care less about the details. We’ll quickly set aside our purpose and trade it in for a shot at success. We’ll willingly exchange what matters most to us for a chance to get ahead. Our fear of not fitting in becomes our fear of missing out and our fear of failure. We fail because we stumble as we try to keep up. 

And what happens next? 

We post on social media, so others know that we matter. We buy expensive things that we don’t need, so others know that we can afford them. We work hard and fast so that others can see that we care. We live life in the fast lane to keep up with the world around us. 

But what if we looked at life through a different approach? 

What if we slowed down? What if we lived life slowly?

Living Life Slowly

The world will constantly be changing. If we focus on keeping up with the world around us, we’ll always be chasing after the NEXT thing, even if that next thing isn’t the right thing for us. My challenge to you is simple: live life slower and at your own pace. 

We only get one shot at life. In the end, it’s not what we didn’t have time for that is going to matter. What is going to matter is what we made the time to do. We don’t measure impact by what didn’t get done. We measure it based on what did get accomplished. The impact we’ve made is what is going to become our legacy. Not how fast we’ve moved, but how much value we’ve provided. 

My dream is to move slower, to move more with purpose and intention. To speed up when I need to but to slow down and enjoy the journey of life. I want to move through life with passion. I’d rather do less and have more time than do more and have less time. I want to remember every minute I’ve spent here. I want to remember it all and learn through it all. I want to live life at my own pace.”

-John Krauss 

I believe that we really do know what we want to do with our lives. But, with the noise, opinions, and ideas that are flying at us throughout the day, we’ve become lost, bewildered, and overstimulated. But when we slow down, shut down, and quiet down, the answers reveal themselves. Patience reveals the path to purpose. 

The Time Is Now To Slow Down And Enjoy Life

On the flip side of this is time. 

Time is valuable; it is one of the most valuable things we can either have or give. In life, things will always have to get done. Errands, tasks, priorities; there will always be something to do. Knowing this is why it becomes so important to slow down. There will always be something to do. Life never stops moving, but we can. We’ll always be racing against time. So don’t race, just live! Flow with time. Use time as your ally. Are you up for the challenge?

Time is valuable. One day, time will cease to exist. The only priority is what we will do with the time we have. What are we going to dedicate our time to? Who are we going to dedicate that time to? 

“Time is of the essence;” our leaders go that one right. I’m not sure who said it, but they were right. Time is short, and it will be over before we know it. And before it’s over, we have a chance to be happy and fulfilled or tired and frustrated. We are frustrated by trying to keep up, trying to produce, and trying to fit in. 

If you are out there today; possibly feeling tired, burned out, stressed, demotivated, frustrated, and just done with it all; I have some positivity to share with you. 

All this time, you thought your goal should be to move quicker. That the results will happen if you work hard and don’t quit. That if you don’t stop and keep moving, you’ll hit your goals. Although this may work, it is STILL possible to work hard and slow and still be effective. The goal should not be to move faster and quicker or even to do more or be more; the goal should be to move slower with aim and intention rather than speed and relentlessness. Once we figure out the goal we want to hit, and once we decide on the life we want to live, let’s go at it with intention.

The world is going to want us to go at a certain speed. The world is going to want us to keep up, speed up, and hurry up. But thankfully, we are strong enough to know that the world is not our captain; we are the pilots of our voyage. 

I’m here to tell you to be patient. It’s OK to take it slow. It’s also OK to take the long road, learn from your mistakes and do it right. The quick road does not guarantee your arrival. Don’t opt for shortcuts; don’t take the elevator; take the stairs! Do the climb. Take the long and scenic route. There is value in the climb, the ascent, and the perseverance. That’s where the impact is. 

Go at your own pace, be your own person, and create your own definition of success. Success can be earned, and it can also be learned. We must learn to be happy with where we are, who we are, and what we are; human. All of us are human. We all will make mistakes. We are all impatient. We all want to get to where we want to go. But the best part about life is the wait. We always remember the wait more than the arrival. Because once we get to our destination, the wait is over, and the real countdown begins. 

The real urgency is that this is your life. How will you live it? 

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you have a great day. If you enjoyed reading this article, please let me know in the comments below and share it to help spread a positive and uplifting message. 


  1. Henri Suckow

    You are totally right John. We need time management is important…but the speed that we live our lives ..for sure is the secret of our balance. Thank you for sharing another great post.

  2. Love this! This is so true “The quick road does not guarantee your arrival.” I wish I would remember this more often. Thank you for another great read 🙂

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