5 Ways To Kickstart Your Week

Do you ever wake up on Monday mornings feeling drained, exhausted, and ready for the week to be over already? Do you ever wish you could ignore the alarm on Monday morning, hit the snooze button, and wake up the following weekend? Well, you may want to read this. After all, I know you have so many dreams and desires you want to see happen, and it feels like the weekend is the only opportunity to tend to those dreams. I’m here to help get you excited for the week ahead and help you capitalize on your weekends. Mondays are opportunities too. Here are five ways to help you kickstart your week and get you excited for what’s to come. 

Are you looking to get ahead in many aspects of life? Are you looking for a few tips to help you get the most out of every week? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Mondays are not only the start of a new week but an opportunity to do something that moves us closer to our goals. Mondays get a bad reputation, but I’m here to change how we all feel about Mondays. The key to surviving Monday begins on Friday, at the start of the weekend. What we do with our weekends can significantly impact how the rest of our week goes. Getting the most out of our weekends is a surefire way to start the week off strong. And that’s what we are after, a solid start to the week. After all, dreams don’t just happen on the weekends. Dreams happen every day of the week. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays; all days have the potential to be incredible days. So hang in there, and let’s get after some dreams. 

If you’re looking around for a rewarding way to kick off your week, look no further. I have five great items picked out to help you kickstart your week and take the next step toward your dreams. Here are five ideas you can try this weekend to help start your week strong. Are you ready to start maximizing your weekends?

#1 Get Outside

I have to start with this one. Is there no better way to spend a weekend than in the great outdoors? We were born to be in nature, but as humans, as we’ve grown and evolved, we’ve gotten further and further away from where we should really be—outside! 

Are you looking to recharge your battery before the new week? Step outside! Go for a hike, head to the park, and get some sunshine. Sunshine has so many incredible health benefits for us, and the best part about nature is that it has tons to offer. There are so many possibilities, and things we can do that are outside just to get some fresh air, clear our heads, and get ready for the week ahead. Without a doubt, getting outdoors is the best way to reset in this fast-paced world we live in. Don’t let a weekend sneak by without hitting the trail. Reset, refresh, and get ready to start crushing the new week.

#2 Reflect On Your Week

Another one of the best things that we can do to start the week off on the right foot is to take time and reflect. What this means is reflecting on the coming week and the past week by taking a moment to get an action plan together. Take a moment and think about all of the things that went well for you this past week and a few of the things that you would like to see happen in the next week? How can you improve, and what are some of the actions you can take to help you improve? Set goals and set expectations. Just be sure to make your goals attainable and reasonable. Make it an every-week check-in with yourself. Review your progress from week to week. Celebrate areas in which you’ve won, and make notations in places you’d like to see improvement. Make it challenging, but make it fun. It’s cool to see how much we can improve from one week to another. Start the week off with a win!

If we start the week off with a winning mentality, then all week long, we’ll be stacking up victories. Let’s win!

#3 Spend Time With Those You Love

We all crave connection, and what better way to feel connected than by spending time with those we love. Take the time to share a laugh, and have a conversation. Cherish the company of one another, whether that means playing a board game, going for a walk, or getting some pizza or ice cream. Share moments, and make memories. That’s what life is all about, making memories with those we love. 

Ready for this? Here’s a bonus hack! You can even tell your family and friends about all the cool things you’ve read here at Maybe It’s Life. Then it’s a win for everyone. Haha! 

Seriously though, I get it. Sometimes it’s an easier choice to stuff our heads in a pillow and tune out the outside world. I get it. As an introvert myself, time alone is the best time. But, even as an introvert, I also recognize and know that life is better with others in it. We can only be alone for so long. Make time for those you love. 

#4 Find A Hobby

If you feel drug down by your job or don’t feel passionate about what you do, then that’s all the reason you need to find something that fulfills you. We all need something that we can be passionate about. Most people find that in the shape of a hobby. That often comes in the form of writing, music, gardening, painting, or even something as simple as coin collecting or thrift shopping. Anything can become a hobby for you if it is something that you genuinely enjoy doing. The whole idea is to get out there and spend your free time doing something you love that fires you up and keeps you coming back for more. That’s the secret to life. Do something that gets you excited, something that lights a fire inside you. Don’t worry about what that hobby is or where it could lead; instead, focus on the why. 

#5 Hold The Alcohol, Have Some Tea

I know, I know; this is an unpopular one. I can hear the boos in the distance, but honestly, hear me out. I know it sounds nice to be able to crack open a six-pack and drink away the weekend on your front porch. But imagine what could happen if we didn’t drink this weekend? Not only would our health likely improve, but our mental clarity and focus would return. Our awareness would heighten. We’d realize that there is a whole world out there that is waiting for us to discover it. We’ll feel pulled towards something greater. We’ll be able to hear our inner voices and be able to react. Our dreams could take flight. So hold the alcohol. Opt for some stress-relieving tea instead. It will be healthier and more rewarding in the long run. Fuel your mind, your body, and your life. Give your dreams the right kind of fuel. 

Are You Ready For The Week Ahead?

Well, what do you think? Are you ready for the week ahead? Did any of these items especially stand out to you? What are a few of the ways that you like to spend your weekends? 

I’d love it if you shared in the comments what ideas you are going to try out this weekend or anything else you’d like to share that helps get you through the week. Let’s help others win this week.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope that you have an awesome day and an amazing week. Remember, you got this! It all starts on Fridays. How do you spend your weekends?


  1. Believe it, Achieve It. You believed in making this website, and now you are doing it. Thank you for example of action for me.

  2. Great article! I always like to run my errands on the weekend. It might seem silly but I always feel accomplished and reset/prepped for the week ahead. 🙂

    • Thanks for reading, and thanks for the comment. That’s awesome! I think that’s good to get everything ready for the week ahead, that way you’re not playing catch up throughout the week.

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