How To Make A Decision With Confidence

How To Make a Decision With Confidence.

Think about all of the decisions that we have to make on a daily basis. Some of those decisions may be easier to make than others. Right or wrong, the long-term impact of a decision is difficult to predict. So how do we handle the pressure of making these tough decisions? How can we possibly know what the RIGHT decision is?


Right or wrong, decisions are seldom painless. 

With any decision comes a ton of responsibility, and with that responsibility comes power. That power equals freedom, and once we relinquish that power, our freedom ceases to exist. We are free to select for ourselves what we believe the right decision is. 

As humans, one of the hardest things that we will ever have to do is make a choice—because good or bad, right or wrong, making a choice carries with it the consequences of tomorrow. We want to make a decision that leaves us feeling safe, happy, and secure. But making the right decision is never so simple. With so many options, outcomes, and possibilities, how can someone possibly know what the right decision even is? 

When it comes to life, fear of the unknown prevents us from making the right choice. We cannot predict what the outcome of a decision will be, and that alone can be frightening. But still not as scary as not making a decision based upon fear. 

When it comes to making a decision, the only tools we have to fall back on are our experience and knowledge; and one often forgotten tool: confidence. If we can learn to wield the power of confidence, our future will be limitless. 

Decision Day: The Power Is In Your Hands

When the time comes for us to make a decision, we often seek out others who can help us make this choice a little bit easier. But remember that when a choice presents itself, the power is in our hands. No one else can tell us what the right thing to do is because only we know what the next step should be. The choice is clear; we must look inward to find our answers. Dig deep, and the answers will reveal themselves. 

One of our primary human needs is that we value feedback. As humans, we crave attention and want people to know what we’re thinking. This conditioning causes us to seek out others in an attempt to help justify our own choices. But we have to remember that no matter the outcome, our decision is our choice and ours alone. We may encounter similar situations to others, but our decisions are often unique to us as individuals. Once faced with a choice, the power to decide rests in our hands. We can seek out the wisdom of others if we need it, but let’s remember that we are ultimately the ones that are in control. Never leave your life choices in the hands of someone else.

The Wrong Decision Is The One You Don’t Make

How can you know what the right choice to make is? How can you decide which decision will be a good one? 

You can’t, but that shouldn’t stop you from making one. 

Most of our decisions come from our knowledge of what we understand or have learned. But a lot of decision-making can either be the result of peer pressure. Friends, families, followers, and co-workers seem to be lining up to see if we make the right call. With so much pressure riding on a decision, right or wrong goes out the window. How can you know the right thing to do, especially when it feels like so much is at stake? 

Often, we tend to seek out others for their insight or expertise. This approach is good, but we need to ensure that this person is either trustworthy or unbiased towards our decision. Do you ever feel like you make decisions to try to appease others, even if it isn’t the best decision for you? 

If our goal is to appease others, no decision will ever bring us peace. 

Usually, we seek out those whose knowledge is on either side of the playing field; rather than that of the spectator. The right person will empower YOU to make the best decision, not decide for you, or worse, force you to side with them. Creating a smaller circle with fewer ideas and viewpoints is easier. After all, what we need most are options, not opinions. 

No Eyes Are On You: You Make The Call

Sometimes it may feel like all eyes are on us to make a decision. But no one else lives in our shoes. Our lives are unique to the path that we’re on. We have to understand that others may not see the whole picture of our lives. We can’t become objective observers of our very lives. We’ll have enough of those. And if we aren’t careful, our decision can quickly become somebody else’s. There are a million different outcomes to a decision, but in the end, it’s up to us to determine what the right thing for us to do is. 

We want the decision that’s the easiest to make. It’s human nature to take the road that’s less rocky. We want what will make everyone else around us happy, even if that jeopardizes our own happiness. We want the path of least resistance, even if that path takes us down the crippling road of misery. But what we don’t realize is that our hearts know what the right thing to do is. The right decision lies beside good intent. 

Nothing can trump our own instinct or intuition. Go with it until you have something else to go off of. 

When it comes to making a decision, all we can do is decide what we believe is the right course of action. No one else can tell us what the right thing to do is. And with so many factors at play, how can someone else know what is best for us anyway? We don’t even know what’s best for ourselves half of the time. Your decision does not belong in the hands of another. 

So What’s The Final Word On Decisions?

When it’s time for you to choose, trust your instincts. Stick with your values and remember your morals. Draw your line, and know what your boundaries are. Know precisely what you WILL DO and what you absolutely WON’T DO. Stick to your boundaries when things get rough, and know that there are some lines you will not cross. 

But also remember that you may need to be flexible and adaptable at times. Listen to ideas, but know that everyone else has their own version of what they think you should do with your life. Learn to be the leader of your own life, not a follower of the life of another. The difference between someone that is a leader and someone who is a follower is that leaders help you decide while followers want to pick for you. Decide like a leader. 

You’ll never know the difference between right and wrong until you choose. But do choose, and when you do, stand by your choice. Back it up; don’t sway back and forth. Make your decision confidently and appropriately, and reevaluate if needed. 

Remember that you have an awesome gift. The power of choice and the freedom to decide are two things that can never be taken away from you unless you give them away. Please don’t give them away. You hold the ability to decide for yourself what you think is the right decision for your life. We only learn from experience, and we gain that experience through making decisions. 

You have the power of choice sitting right in your hands. Choose wisely and believe in your choice. That’s how you know a decision is the right one. A decision that you believe in is a decision that speaks the loudest. Don’t be afraid to be loud. 

You have the power! What will you decide to do with that power? 

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