How To Capitalize On Your Dreams

Have you ever had that perfect dream? You know the kind of dream that I’m talking about! The type of dream that almost feels too real. The kind of dreams where great things happen. Dreams that give you the sensation of being on top of the world. Dreams where you can be whoever you want, or whatever you want, and do whatever you want to. Yeah! Those dreams are awesome.

But then, the dream is over; we wake up. Snapback to reality, as some of us like to put it. We roll around in bed, then wake up to start the same day we lived yesterday. All that remains of those dreams are the fleeting memories of an alternate reality. Life returns to normal, and our fantasy has concluded. But it doesn’t really have to come to an end. 

The life that we imagine does exist, and I’m going to tell you how we can actually grab hold of our dreams and turn them into reality. 

I am convinced that not only is it possible for us to change our lives, but also mold our dreams into much more than just possibilities. We can actualize our dreams. We can use our dreams as a blueprint for creating a different life for ourselves, our families, and our futures. 

Believe In The Power Of Your Dreams

I know what you’re thinking, and I’ve been right there where you are. Stuck. Unconvinced. Feeling down on yourself. Telling yourself things like, “My dreams will never come true,” or, “I’m not good enough. I’m not rich enough. I’m not smart enough!” We’ve been convinced that our dreams are stupid or unrealistic, so we end up thinking that our dreams are impossible.

This is where I want to change the way you think. It’s time to believe in the power of your dreams. 

You see, the first thing that we need to realize about dreams is that they do indeed come true. Not always in the order in which we might hope, but those dreams will and can happen. But hold on, there is a catch. We can have the life that we want to have, but it takes work. Sometimes hard work, and sometimes a lot of work. But mostly, the life that we want requires us to take action. Now. 

Because simply put, a dream without action is just a dream, but a dream infused with action is life. 

Take Action On Your Dreams

You see, I was once like you. I get what it’s like thinking that you are meant to do something, just not sure what. I used to have these fantastic dreams. Well, I still do. Dreams that are so amazing; they almost seem too good to be true. Sometimes I have to talk myself back down to Earth. But then I start thinking to myself, “Why stop dreaming? Why suppress visions of greatness when I hold the ability to create them? Why not create that dream I have for myself and my family?”

So I decided to act on that and am now creating the life I dreamed about. 

It took confidence, it took self-belief; but most of all, it took action.

Your dreams are possible too. 

In fact, I realized that every feeling I got about what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be, was actually as real as real can get. Those feelings of anxiety, fear, or worry were my reaction to repressing my desires. Feelings that were directly tied to my dreams being put on hold.

Don’t keep placing your dreams on hold. Answer the call. Achieve this by remembering what you dreamed about and taking action on that dream. And remember, nothing we can aspire to do is impossible. 

I will remind you that it takes hard work and determination to turn our dreams into reality. It takes a lot of commitment and a tremendous amount of growth, and it will require an insane amount of action. It will take long days and long nights, and it may take years, weeks, or months. We’ll have to be okay with being patient, and our patience will be tested; trust me on that. 

Don’t let one obstacle or moment of weakness deter you either. Remember that you carry the vessel that can take you to your dream because that vessel is within you. That vessel is your mind, and your heart is the speedometer, so go at your own speed. 

Creating your dream life takes small, individual steps every single day. Sometimes one step, sometimes two steps, but always at least one. We might even take one step forward and three steps back, but we must remember to keep moving. The worst thing that we can do for our dreams is to stop our momentum. 

Get Excited About Your Dreams

If you are out there, wondering whether or not you need to do something different that can positively impact your life, I’d say go for it! Be enthusiastic about what is yet to come. Get excited about your dreams. I’ve learned that the worst thing we can do is sit tight and hope our dreams come true. We need to make them come true. 

Looking at my computer, today happens to be Tuesday. I’m off of work, and I am writing this article for a blog that I am about to “go live” for the whole world to see. At first, this doesn’t seem that momentous, but then I remember how much work I put in to get to this point. This whole thing, this journey, would never have been possible had I not gotten out of my own head and just started taking those steps every day. 

It’s crazy because this blog started out as just a product of my imagination. When I began building this blog, I had no idea what I was doing! And there is still much I don’t know about, and I know I have a long way to go. But you know what, that’s okay. Because I’m having fun, I’m enjoying this journey that I’m on, and I’m becoming a better person in the process. There is no better person you can become than the one who is better than yesterday. 

I’m becoming what I dreamed about, and I’m excited. I’m excited about my dreams. It all started with one click of the computer mouse. One-click! That’s how it started! I had a dream, a vision, and I decided to go after it. You can do it too.

You can become whatever it is that you want to become. You can create that life that you want. Just step out that door. Make that phone call. Click on that link, or apply for that job. Capitalize on each and every thought. Take every action needed to become that person you were born to be. Wake up. It’s time that you turned your dreams into reality. 


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