Use Yours Fears And Step Into Your Power

Fear is a powerful emotion. It’s a driving force behind many of the decisions that we make. Fear can deprive us of our true power, the power that we require to change our lives. But this same fear can also inspire us to take that power back. That’s why we’re here; to learn how to harness our fears and step into our power. 

Sometimes, there is a disconnect between the life we live and the life we want to live. This strain creates self-doubt and low confidence. Fear is what is born from this struggle. It can even begin to feel as though our one foot is ready to take that next step, but meanwhile, our other foot remains pinned to the ground behind us. Fear is what is keeping us grounded in place. 

Fear is something that holds us back and prevents us from transforming our lives. But no matter what it is that we are afraid of, we have to understand that fear is not our enemy. We’ll have to develop a new relationship with fear if we want to create change in our lives, and we’ll also have to learn to dance with our fears as well. Because remember this one thing; the life you want and the life you have are often two different things. But the life you live can balance out the two. 

All of us have the power to live the life that we want to right now. Only if we use that power and make fear our ultimate motivator. 

The Truth About Fear 

There is a misconception that surrounds fear. We think that fear is a bad thing. But that couldn’t be more untrue. Fear is our reaction to something that makes us uncomfortable or uncertain. Usually, this happens because we encounter something new or unforeseen, even though we can’t possibly see and know everything. Our fears keep us sheltered. Naturally, as humans, we want to feel safe. So we take the less frightening route, even though our worst fears may not even come true. 

Fear is created in our minds. That fear is born from our anxious thoughts, warning us not to proceed; when in reality, we should proceed with caution. Fear is a yield signal, not a stop sign. We don’t need to stop moving once we feel the fear. 

What Scares You?

When you think of fear, what’s something that comes to your mind? 

When I think of fear, I think of all of the horror movies I’ve ever watched. 

No matter how many different horror movies I’ve ever seen, my heart still races. But why? Most of the plots are the same, and sometimes, the outcome is easy to predict. Horror movies capitalize on our human fear of the unknown. And also, these movies prey upon one of our biggest fears as humans; our mortality. These movies remind us that our time is not infinite and is always unpredictable. 

None of this is real. The movies we watch are not real. But the fear feels real. Fear causes us to look over our shoulders, open the shower curtain to see who’s behind it, and turn on the living room lights, even though we know that we are in the comfort of our own homes. Fear pushes us to do ridiculous things, like not doing something that changes our life because we are afraid. 

So what are you afraid of? 

Whatever that is, remind yourself that you are stronger than your fear, and your power will keep you safe.  

Push Back Against Your Fears And Power Through 

Much like when we flick that light switch on during a horror movie to make us feel safe again, we have that same power when it comes to our lives. We can flick that switch at any time. We are in control. Feel the fear, proceed with caution, and power through it. Remember that you control the fear; the fear cannot control you. Fear is here to change your life but in a good way.

When we feel the fear start to creep back in, we have two options: give in or power through. I vote power through; because fear never goes away. We’ll be doing this waltz with fear until our final days. So get used to fear getting in the way of your dreams.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable. You Can Do This.

Look, I understand that fear is scary. Life is cloudy, and that uncertainty can scare the crap out of us. We’ll never be able to get a glimpse of the future, which is scary too. For all we know, the future might not even exist. But even though we understand this, we still push on day after day, after a future we don’t know anything about. Don’t stop pushing forward. 

You’ll never know for sure what you’re getting yourself into until you get into it. But I will say that the last thing you want to be is comfortable. Get used to being uncomfortable with the unknown; that’s how you can create the life you envision. 

When I think about all of the things I’ve done in my life, my life could have looked a whole lot different if I didn’t have the confidence to power through my fears. 

I would never have been a husband to an amazing wife if I didn’t find the courage to ask her on a date. I wouldn’t be a father to an awesome son if I couldn’t be brave enough to face what I didn’t know. I would never have become the writer I am today if I had listened to my anxious thoughts. Thoughts telling me, “I’m no good,” or, “No one will read my words, and I’ll never amount to anything.”

Every day I go through the same battles. “Am I good enough?” But I answer that same question with a straightforward answer: “I Am! I am good enough!”

One of my fears is that I’ll never get a chance to create the life that I want. But I negate that fear by going out and creating it. Every single day I try to create the life that I want. Because the only way your fear will come true is if you give up your power and let it come true. Don’t give up. Live life fearless. 

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