What Is Standing In The Way Of Your Goals?

Hey, you! Yeah, you! You have goals, right? How are you doing with them? Would you say that you are on the right track, or do you need a little reassurance? Are you just winging it? Do you know what you are working towards? Did you know that setting goals can change your life? Are you ready to start setting goals?

Setting goals is a great way to ensure victory. Having goals provides our lives with meaning and purpose. But when we establish goals for ourselves, there is a lot we have to consider. We have to think about what our goals will potentially mean for us as we move forward with them and what the expected outcome is going to be. 

Don’t limit your ability to hit your goals. It’s certainly easier to hit a goal that we can see and understand. Otherwise, we’d just be shooting at a moving target. So, always be clear about what your goals are and what you expect to achieve from them in the long run. 

What Can Limit Our Ability To Hit Our Goals

When it comes to successfully achieving our goals, so many factors can play a role in hitting that mark. These factors include a lack of direction or focus, time-related restraints, outside influences, or a lack of commitment, just to name a few. All of these factors can interfere with our ability to crush our goals. It’s important that we stay on top of our goals and always maintain the upper hand. 

After reading that list, do you feel like any of those items are holding you back from hitting your goals? 

Now, this doesn’t mean that any of us will even fall victim to any of these items. But, we should also remain vigilant and know what to look out for. If you are like me, you want to see your goals come to life, and that’s what I wish for you too, which is why I think it is essential to understand how our goals work.

Let’s begin by breaking down the things that can hold us back, step by step.

How A Lack Of Direction Or Focus Sabotages Our Goals Before We Start

A lot of what holds us back from hitting our goals is that we aren’t sure what we are aiming for. We give ourselves a humongous or even vague list of goals that we have to unscramble. Or, we do the opposite. We make our goals too broad or too narrow. We wind up with a bunch of scattered thoughts with no means of connecting them with our goals. When our goals are too murky, our direction tends to be the same. And when our goals are too broad, our direction becomes even broader. 

Having goals that are too broad or too vague can often make our target unhittable. We want to hit our goals with everything we’ve got. It’s a lot easier to hit a more manageable and realistic goal. No need to overwhelm or confuse ourselves, either. Start out small, then think bigger. If we can learn to hit one small goal after another, we’ll be well on our way to accomplishing some pretty incredible things. If our goals are too confusing, we’ll be just as confused on how to achieve them. 

Be super simple about what you want, then keep building on that. In those building blocks, we can then set the foundation for the change we want to see. It takes the right amount of time and effort, so we have to have that mindset going in. Remember, no change that we can visualize is too significant of a change to make; it just requires a little patience. 

How Time Plays A Role In Completing Our Goals

Time is another factor that plays a significant role in achieving our goals. The reason for this is simple: goals require commitment, and time is part of that investment. Because that’s what our goals ultimately are, an investment. 

Time is so valuable to our goals that we can quickly sabotage them if we waste too much of it. When it comes to time, we want to use it to our advantage as often as possible. It’s important to establish routines and habits. Having healthy and productive habits and routines, it’s easier to create structure. Creating structure is what produces the environment that allows us to thrive. 

Avoid surprises if you can by staying prepared. I get it; stuff happens all the time. Unforeseen circumstances arise, and there is no way of preventing things from popping up throughout our days. Develop a good schedule that will allow you to grow through and during these circumstances. This way, if things happen, it will be way easier to fall back in line versus trying to start over again from scratch. Avoid running around in circles attempting to figure out where you left off or how to begin again. 

Establish a precedent for yourself. So many times, our goals can become an afterthought. We squeeze our goals into windows that are too tight that if we miss them, we make excuses. Make your goals a priority. If we prioritize right and plan our goals accordingly, time will always have a way of finding us. 

How The Outside World Influences Our Goals

The outside world is the voices of others that just won’t seem to go away. Coworkers, family, friends, strangers; there are so many things and people out there that are waiting to stop us from hitting our goals. But we can’t let the outside world dictate our goals. Let your goals be your prerogative, your mission. The minute we start making our goals anything but our problems to solve, we’ll end up with more problems. Keep your goals to yourself if you have to. This way, the only one that knows about your mission is you. The fewer people who can try to influence you, the better off you are sometimes. 

Everyone around us will always have their own separate opinion to offer you. And if others hear you say goals, they’ll want to give you advice on how you should steward your goals. They may even attempt to steer you away from doing something that you genuinely want to do. Don’t let that happen. 

To keep our goals on track, we’ll have to limit how much of an impact the outside world plays on us. I suppose that could mean limiting contact with people you know could distract or derail your dreams. Even if you have to sign off social media for a bit or skip out early on that party, in that case, that’s the best direction to go in. 

Make your goals your world. Don’t let the outside world in if they are not ready to contribute to your growth. After all, you are on a mission. Complete that mission at all costs. 

The Last Thing That Stops Us From Hitting Our Goals Is A Lack Of Commitment

Yup, you read that right, and I’m sorry that I have to say it. But perhaps the biggest reason we won’t hit our goals is a lack of commitment or follow-through. This means that when we set a goal, our goal dies right there on that sheet of paper. We might as well not even have suggested it. Or, we will start working towards our goals for a day or maybe even a week, then taper off. But why is that? 

Time? Lack of direction or focus? The outside world? Sure, it can be any or all of these things; but a lack of commitment or follow-through is the next logical one. Because let’s be honest with ourselves. If we are committed to our goals, those first couple of ideas are easily overlooked. We can learn or teach any of these skills, but we can’t force ourselves to commit to something we really aren’t committed to. 

With that being said, what stops us the most is that we really aren’t invested in our goals enough to begin with. But that is not entirely our own fault. Lack of follow-through isn’t from a lack of knowledge; it’s from a lack of desire. When our attention is being pulled to fifteen-thousand different places, it can be hard to juggle and prioritize tasks and responsibilities. That’s not saying that our goals aren’t important. They may just not be important enough right now. But we can change that direction at any point in time. 

Our goals need to be a priority. Our goals need to be important enough to us that we suffer when our goals start to suffer. We want to be so tied to our goals that we go where they go; our heart skips to the beat of our goals; as cheesy as that sounds. Of course, this relationship between us and our goals should be a healthy one. 

So if you are reading this, I’ll be straightforward. The number one thing you can do to avoid not hitting your goals is to become so profoundly obsessed with them and make winning a part of your daily routine. 

So, What Is Ultimately Stopping You From Hitting Your Goals?

So what do you think is stopping you from hitting your goals? 

Is it a lack of focus? 

Is it a lack of time? 

Could it be someone else or something else? 

Is it a lack of commitment? 

Whatever is stopping you from hitting your goals ultimately boils down to this; you are sabotaging yourself. You are stopping yourself from hitting your goals. Get out of your own way and start working towards your goals. No more excuses; after all, excuses don’t get results.

You are the only person who can stop you from achieving your goals. 

Now that you know this, what will you do about your goals?


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