What If Today Was The Last Day?

Have you ever thought about what it could feel like to be living your last day on Earth? How would you react? What would your last day even look like? What would your legacy be? If any of these questions excite you, this article will speak to you. Let’s live today like it’s our last day on Earth because, in many ways, it very well could be. 

It’s easy to tilt our heads back, release our foot from the gas pedal and let cruise control take us to our destination. Sure, this might work on the highway, but what about when it comes to our lives? Is cruise control the way to go?

Life is the longest journey we’ll ever take. It can be exciting, exhausting, and mysterious all at the same time. Sometimes, it feels like life would be a lot easier to hit a button than to set our feet into motion. Enter cruise control. Do you ever get the feeling like your life is on cruise control? Are your hands on the wheel, or are you in the passenger seat? Are you in control of your life?

Life happens. We glide from task to task without barely even blinking. We shift from responsibility to responsibility; without ever stopping to understand the purpose of life. We live each day on autopilot, clocking in and clocking out, just to feel like we’ve earned ourselves a life. We live the same day repeatedly, never recognizing that our true potential is well within reach. We feel lost and unmotivated, never knowing a definite direction to go in. Until life hands us a “wake-up” moment. 

Waking Up To Your New Life

Life can show us signs. But only if we slow down and recognize that these signs exist will we then be able to use those signs to truly change our futures. These signs or “wake-up” moments happen for many reasons, one of them being when we are not living up to our truest potential. 

These “wake-up” moments could be minuscule or sometimes very monumental. They could be as simple as reacting to an inspirational post on Instagram or the sensation that we feel inside ourselves after reading through a motivational novel. These moments could also be triggered by a near-death experience or the unfortunate loss of a loved one. Although not always that extreme, these moments are given to remind us that there is still much that life has in store for us, and we mustn’t lose hope. 

Life is a game of aim. We have the power to pull the trigger on the life we imagine. Each of us has a purpose. But, it’s up to us to find that purpose. When we see that “wake-up” moment, we better get pumped; because we are on our way to finding our purpose, but only if we choose to follow along. 

For Those About To “Wake-Up,” Listen Up

After overcoming depression, I trusted myself to take ownership of my own life by discovering my purpose and reaching my potential. I had to empower myself to move forward, improve my well-being, and change my perspective on life. Without going through depression, I may have never discovered that hidden power that was within me. This was my “wake-up” moment. Ever since then, I’ve kept my eyes open at all times. 

Until that one time, and now, here’s a story for you:

On New Year’s Day 2022, at around 4:30 AM, I was traveling to work. The roads were empty, the lighting was dismal, and a fog descended down. My foot was on the gas, my head behind the wheel, but my mind felt like it was somewhere else. My head was in a cloud, and my mind wanted to be somewhere different than where my body currently was. And as my mind raced between thoughts, a slight chill came over me. I got an eerie feeling, warning me to grip onto the wheel, lean forward, and pay attention to the road. 

As if pulled by fate, I slammed on the brakes. A deer stood grazing in the middle of the roadway, a deer I indeed would have plowed into. The deer, spooked and frightened, thankfully ran off into the darkness. 

“Oh crap,” I said. “I almost hit a deer!” 

As luck would have it, that deer was not meant to hit my car. That deer is now a firm reminder for me to focus on the journey, not the destination. 

Of course, this outcome could have been a whole lot different if I had not gotten that sense to slow down, warning me to proceed with caution. The next minute, the flashing lights of an ambulance passed me by on the opposite side of the road. “Whoa! Talk about a strange series of events.”

I hope that whoever was in there, or wherever they were going, I hope that everyone was okay. But this moment really stuck with me for a long time. After nearly crashing into a deer, seeing that ambulance pass me by was a sign of not knowing. We simply can’t predict what is going to happen in our lives. 

The Best Day To Live For Is Today

That ambulance could have been intended for me had I not heeded the warning. Maybe I would have swerved the car, missing the deer but hitting the ambulance head-on! Perhaps someone else’s life depended on me not hitting that deer. The point is, is that I can hypothesize all I want, but the outcome will always be the same. I walked away from this, or in this case, drove away, unharmed. That’s a win. 

This was a “wake-up” moment for me because I realized how short life really is. Anything could have happened here, but the best possible outcome happened; because I took control of the situation and accepted its reality. When you have experiences like this, they change you; they form you. Seeing that ambulance reminded me of my own mortality and that life is indeed precious.

I walked away from this moment with a mission. That mission is to enjoy life more, spend time with family, relish in the memories, add value to the lives of others, and keep following my dreams, wherever that may lead. And that’s what you should do too! So, when you feel these moments arriving, stop and think to yourself, “Is this where I want to be in life?” If I died today, is this how I want to go out?” 

The answer is “no!” 

You have untapped potential. Don’t go out without giving it a fighting chance! When you feel these moments, this is not the time to stand idly by and wait for your life to change. Create that change! Read, study, learn, but most of all, take action. The opposite of success is idleness. Don’t let today be your legacy. You can still create a new legacy. You don’t need to wait for the right moment. You create the moment. 

This is your moment. It’s time to wake up! What will you do with today? 

If today was the last one, how would you want to spend it? Who would you want to spend it with? What would you want to do with your last day on Earth? Let me know what your last day would look like down in the comments below.

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